PhD Theses

Roger Grosse

Model selection in compositional spaces
PhD, 2014
PhD Thesis (pdf)

Michael Rubinstein

Analysis and visualization of temporal variations in video
PhD, 2014
PhD Thesis (pdf) : Web page

Hyun Sung Chang

Informative Sensing:  theory and applications
PhD, 2012
PhD Thesis (pdf)

Biliana Kaneva

Large databases of synthetic and real images for feature evaluation and prediction
PhD, 2012
PhD Thesis (pdf)

Taeg Sang Cho

Motion blur removal from photographs
PhD, 2010
PhD Thesis (pdf)

Ce Liu

Beyond pixels: exploring new representations and applications for motion analysis
PhD, 2009
PhD Thesis (pdf)

Bryan Russell

Labeling, discovering, and detecting objects in images
Masters, 2003
PhD, 2008
Masters Thesis (pdf) : PhD Thesis (pdf)

Barun Singh

Bayesian approaches to bilinear inverse problems involving spatial evidence: Color constancy and blind image deconvolution
MSc, 2006
Masters Thesis (pdf) : Web page

Erik Sudderth

Graphic models for visual object recognition
PhD, 2006
Masters Thesis (pdf) : PhD Thesis (pdf)

Marshall Tappen

Learning continuous models for estimating intrinsic component images
2006, PhD
PhD Thesis (pdf)