Kite Aerial Photography Mosaics: Martha's Vineyard

Recently, I upgraded to a better camera, an Argus. It has the needed feature of shooting repeatedly if the exposure button is kept pushed down (about 1 shot every 3 seconds), but has much better resolution (1024x760) than my previous cheap digital camera. It stores many more pictures per flight, too. However, it's heavier, so I needed to go to a place with lots of wind: the beach. Here are some pictures taken from a beach at Martha's Vineyard. Yellow circle shows where photos were taken (maps from

Martha's Vineyard mapMartha's Vineyard map


Composite image:

Martha's Vineyard kite aerial photo mosaic

Larger versions: 2468x1812 , 4935x3623


Photos from one flight (thumbnails)
Selected photos from other flights